Diversity and inclusion

Activating every employee’s potential.

At Bloomberg, diversity and inclusion aren’t afterthoughts. They’re central to our success. Innovation drives our business forward – and we know that disruptive, breakthrough ideas come about when diverse teams look at challenges from different angles. Our culture values difference, fosters inclusion and promotes collaboration, because the data shows us that when every employee is empowered to impact our business, we all win.

It starts with how we hire

Diverse teams make smarter decisions, but they don’t make themselves. We actively recruit and nurture talent that adds diversity to our workplace — finding the best and brightest whoever and wherever they are.

Achieving a gender-inclusive world is critically important at Bloomberg and one of our greatest investments. Collective action and a shared sense of responsibility – it’s the only way to achieve true gender parity for all women, without regard to ethnicity, sexual orientation or ability.

Learn what we’re doing in our own firm, across the business community at large, and around the world.

Stacey AhnStacey Ahn

Our innovation moves the needle

Every department at Bloomberg develops an annual diversity & inclusion plan. It’s no box-ticking exercise; it’s a challenge from the top to find truly creative ideas that move both equality and our business forward.

We foster innovation through creative ideas

New Voices in the newsroom

Our efforts to increase diversity in our news coverage go beyond who reports, writes and edits the stories. Our global New Voices initiative strives for balance in the sources we interview – providing media training for top women executives and building a worldwide database of women experts that our journalists can approach for comment.

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The Valuable Five hundredThe Valuable Five hundred

Mental Health Matters

As a member of the global Valuable 500 campaign, we’re committed to real accountability and action on disability inclusion. We’re creating a supportive and comfortable environment for people with disabilities through a wide range of initiatives, including signing the Time to Change employer pledge on mental health in the workplace.

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We’ve built a culture of inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion principles are embedded at every level of our company, from the top down and ground up. We support eight employee-run Communities whose members serve as role models and spread a message of inclusion throughout our global workplace.



employees belong to a Bloomberg Community



employees belong to a Bloomberg Community

  • Abilities Community
  • Black Professional Community
  • Diversity Network and Allies
  • Latinx Community
  • LGBT and Ally Community
  • Military and Veterans Community
  • Pan-Asian Community
  • Women’s Community
  • Working Families Community

We commit on every level

Bloomberg is committed to developing inclusive leaders. We hold open and honest dialogue about diversity, provide managers with practical approaches they can implement within their teams and we provide tools and training to minimize bias in the workplace.

Working with others makes us all stronger

Partnerships open new doors and help us amplify our impact. We partner with more than 25 leading organizations to advance our shared goals, invest in meaningful research and broaden and strengthen our global talent pipeline.

We work on purpose.
Come find yours.

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