Pushing the boundaries on innovation.

We look decades ahead to create what our clients will someday need. That’s been our mission from day one, when we engineered and built the first Bloomberg Terminal – pioneering technology that transformed an industry where information was transmitted slowly and inefficiently. Innovation continues to drive and infuse everything we do. We’re constantly imagining and investing in the future, always going where others aren’t, can’t or won’t.

Pioneering new solutions

We’re continually optimizing our solutions to help our clients make more efficient and informed decisions. We’re a leader in applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, delivering tools and automated workflows that help the world’s business and financial decision-makers surface relevant information in an ever-expanding ocean of data – and quickly act on it.

We’re also at the vanguard when it comes to delivering market-moving news. From integrating non-traditional sources, such as Twitter, into our financial products, to rethinking the newsroom for the social media age and using Al to instantly provide essential facts about events, companies and topics on demand, we’re defining what comes next.

Cutting edge technology –
and technologists

Our systems connect people in ways and at speeds no one else can, handling 100 billion market data messages, two million news stories, and more than a billion email and instant messages daily. And we build the global infrastructure – hardware, applications, network and interfaces – our customers need to turn all that information into action. It’s mission-critical work that requires industry-shaping technology – all developed and implemented by a dedicated team of 5,500+ technologists comprised of engineers, UX professionals and data scientists. Learn more about our departments and teams.

Dedicated to the tech community

With just two developers in a one-room office, Mike Bloomberg and our founders built the first Bloomberg Terminal – the software, hardware, and network – from scratch. And we’ve never forgotten where we came from.



of our employees are technologists



presentations at academic and industry conferences annually

As a longtime proponent of open source technologies, our developers are significant contributors to many projects, including Apache Solr, Apache Hadoop and OpenStack. Our engineers are sought-after speakers at many technical and academic conferences around the world. We also publish many of our own projects on GitHub, alongside our comprehensive, self-guided Foundations of Machine Learning course.

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Through Bloomberg Beta, an early-stage venture firm we’re also helping foster the next wave of innovation. We believe we are seeing profound changes in the way business works. By backing and building startups focused on the future of work, we seek to support and understand those changes, using Bloomberg’s own history of transforming an industry as the template.

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Department team huddled around laptopDepartment team huddled around laptop

We work on purpose.
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