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Philanthropy and service are an integral part of our culture – and have been since Mike Bloomberg founded the company. We’re committed to giving back to the cities in which we live and work, using the expertise of our employees and resources of our business to create lasting impact. With our unique insight into data, technology and innovation, we look to address unmet needs in our communities, to deepen engagement with our colleagues, clients and partners, and improve lives around the world. Every Bloomberg employee in every one of our offices makes that commitment possible.

New York FIRST Robotics Mentors with Mike Bloomberg and Vlad KliatchkoNew York FIRST Robotics Mentors with Mike Bloomberg and Vlad Kliatchko
FIRST Robotics, New York

“Philanthropy gives us a competitive advantage, we think, in recruiting and retaining talent. And I can tell you from personal experience it is also good for the bottom line, as good a thing a company can do.”

— Michael R. Bloomberg

Giving back
to our

Among our philanthropic programs is our global volunteer program — the Best of Bloomberg — which harnesses the energy and passion of our 19,000 employees to strengthen their communities. Together, we spent 161,798 hours volunteering in 2018, helping neighbors in need, preserving our natural environment, mentoring the next generation and benefiting local causes while advancing our shared values.

Harnessing the power of partnership

We believe we can achieve more together, which is why we forge strategic partnerships with a wide range of organizations and businesses. Building on Bloomberg’s leadership in financial services, data, technology, news and media, our collaborations are designed to deliver the greatest social impact. Our skills-based volunteering program gives employees the opportunity to share their knowledge with nonprofits and small businesses on a local and global scale, while enhancing their leadership skills and promoting collaboration across our business. Our global Financial Journalism Training programs, including the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa, are strengthening business and economic news coverage around the world.

Bloomberg London Ice MeltBloomberg London Ice Melt

Bloomberg London Ice Melt

Opening access to arts and learning in partnership with over 270 cultural destinations

Broadening perspectives through arts and culture

Through a wide range of sponsorships and partnerships with Bloomberg Philanthropies, we advance creativity, innovation, public access and new technologies in the arts, while connecting our employees and clients to unique cultural experiences. Our commitment to public art is visible not only across our global offices, but in dynamic installations around the world. And our direct support helps 271 cultural organizations in 48 cities to support exciting new artists, exhibitions and performances, drive economic growth and educate the next generation.

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See how our employees and their families are giving back to their communities.


See how our employees and their families are giving back to their communities.

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